Direct Response Copywriting – 2 Ways to Effectively Explode Your List

What is it that Top Internet Marketers do consistently that helps them in building an email list of a Gazillion followers?

In every piece of content that they create they use a strategy known as direct response copywriting.

This strategy is simple yet highly effective, and creates a compelling call to action on what they want their prospect to do next.

The reason most people do not use this strategy is perhaps because they don’t know about it, and if they do, they may not want to seem pushy or over promote.

However in reality, if you are going to devote time to creating content and putting it out there in the marketplace, you must offer something of perceived value and create a call to action to engage your prospects!

This can be in the form of a free training webinar on a particular subject, a free e-book, or an exclusive interview etc.

Providing such value in your content will assist you with your direct response copywriting approach.

2 Ways To Explode Your List

1. Articles- Within the body of your article you want to engage your prospects at least 2 to 3 times with a direct response message.


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This simple strategy has been working very effectively in my marketing efforts and has increased my conversion rates drastically.

You want to use this strategy at least 2 times in every article or email you create!

2. The Open Loop – In this strategy you provide a tremendous amount of value in your content, but never finish your thought thus leaving an open loop. This is extremely powerful because it makes your target market hungry for the rest of the story!


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This strategy works great with both article and video marketing and will also help you in building a dynamic list of hungry followers!

This the same exact strategy that television shows as well as news channels use to keep their viewers glued!

Internet marketing is a phenomenal concept, however what most marketers miss is the point that the focus of their marketing efforts should be concentrated around building a gigantic list.

A thriving list is where the bread and butter, and the milk and honey exist for building an explosive organization in MLM, and for repeat customer traffic for any of your future offers!

Begin Implementing these strategies and see what they do for your business. Direct Response copywriting is a vital skill that you must embrace if you are serious about generating a substantial income online, and more importantly growing your business.

Being able to create sales through copy takes time, practice and persistence. It is not something that one can master over night or in a short amount of time. Implementing both of the strategies I discussed above is the tip of the ice burg on how creative you can become in reference to direct response copywriting.

Learning the ropes of Direct Response Copywriting is something that can help you in all aspects of your business from sales copy to writing effective ads etc.

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Non Directional Trading Formula

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The use of non direction trading formula would establish a probability projection shows which currency would have greater value. A person should understand that the use of non directional trading formula is not for statistical purposes. Basically, its main purpose is to weigh the benefits from the risks. This is a very hard and complex task which requires a very accurate form of assessment and evaluation. This would point out to the investor where to place his money and other resources to earn money. Since non directional trading is best illustrated in the currency trading market, the non directional trading formula should be applied in that field of trading and business.

The non direction trading formula would teach the trader how to exploit the weaknesses of the market by constantly investing on the increasing side. By constantly investing on the currency with the better economic improvements, the earnings would double which would provide the investor with a steady base of income.

Five Cost-Effective Ways to Market Your Small Business

How many of your marketing goals for the year have been achieved, and what opportunities might still be out there? Here are five tips for putting your marketing budget to work in cost-effective ways that return the most on your investment.

Word-of-Mouth –

Word-of-mouth may be one of the most overlooked marketing tools, but the truth is that any company, big or small, benefits from the positive word-of-mouth generated by a good reputation. Prospects that come to your company through the recommendation of a friend or colleague are more likely to become customers and to stay loyal customers. How can you build word-of-mouth? To begin with, treat your customers well. Give them reasons to want to tell others about your company or product or service. Join professional organizations and Chambers of Commerce. And finally, ask your current customers to tell others about their experience with your company. (Just be sure it was a good experience.)

Press Releases –

Use press releases to tell people about new developments in your company, or announce recent accomplishments, announce a new product or new service, an award your company won, a big contract received, a new employee or employee promotion, and the list goes on. The benefit is that press releases are free and, depending on the publication, spread the word to a large audience.

Direct Mail –

Direct mail is a cost-effective way to target your marketing. Build or purchase a list of prospects that match your target demographics. Build the list. Always be looking for ways to add to your database of prospects. Don’t delete names because they didn’t buy the first time you sent them something. Build your list. Then mail to that list regularly. Things to send –

- Postcards. Postcards are inexpensive to produce and mail and get the message across quickly. You can use postcards to make company announcements similar to a press release, but targeted to your audience.

- Letters. Another highly underrated marketing tool, letters to current customers can help build loyalty. Letters to prospective customers can implement a very specifically targeted message. And letters, in general, convey a sense of personal service.

Niche Advertising –

Find out what directories, trade and specialized publications, online and offline, are relevant to your profession, product or service and get listed. Look for opportunities to advertise in these specialized venues. The more your message is targeted to your specific audience, the better the return on your investment will be.

Company Web Site –

A Web Site can do a lot more than sell widgets. A good Web site will tell potential customers what they need to know about your company and how your product or service can solve their problems. It isn’t necessary to have a large and elaborate site. What is necessary is that you provide information that’s useful to the visitor in his decision-making. It doesn’t need lots of photos or animations or flashing messages. It needs to be easy to navigate, clear and easy to understand, and it needs to answer questions from the visitor’s point of view. A Web site can also be used to keep current customers up-to-date with new products and services offered.

If only the above five tools were used consistently, a small company might never need any other marketing. The real trick is finding the right combination of marketing venues and tools, then consistently implementing them throughout the year. It’s not as important to be clever as it is to be consistent and persistent.

Cynthia Pinsonnault is the owner of Lemon Dog Project (formerly Pinsonnault Creative), with over 20 years of experience helping small to mid-sized businesses reach their goals, through graphic design, marketing and advertising. Lemon Dog Project brings together the elements of creativity and communication in a focused, comprehensive approach to marketing, from creative concept to the technology that makes it work, including website design, SEO and usability consulting, as well as customized, managed site hosting.