Network Marketing – Is Duplication A Fantasy Or Reality?

One of the central tenants in the promotional material about network marketing, is the power of duplication. The story goes that you’ll refer 3 people, who’ll each refer 3 people, and so on…

This is truly the power of leverage, but the problem is that most people who sign up for programs have little to no experience either online or offline in building a business and networking it. They don’t know enough to provide valuable information that acts as a relationship builder, and most often, they don’t have the skills to set up an autoresponder account or a website.

Most network marketing programs have information on how to generate leads, but if someone doesn’t have the skill-set to write a good autoresponder series, they’re left to rely on the one the company has provided. Unfortunately, this is often a series of sales messages, that provide little of real value to someone starting out. The leads you load up to this autoresponder series are simply sent a series of letters telling them why they should
‘buy-buy-buy’. And most people have a sense that they actually need to know a little more about how things work on the internet to make their prospective business successful So, the sign-up rate is not going to be particularly high.

Of the people who do sign up from those emails, how many of them are now going to be equipped to make the program work? After all, if they don’t start making money in a few months, they will drop out of the program. And the principle of leverage won’t start to work if people aren’t being guided or taught to take effective action. It’s easy to take action, even easier to spend money on poor quality advertising. But that won’t build a business.

A system needs to be in place to develop people into leaders – to take them from newbie to expert in the shortest time possible. And it’s a system that needs to take into account the fundamental principles of direct sales. The internet is simply a different form of direct sales, and it’s a well known fact that most people won’t buy from you until they’ve seen your tips, or other valuable information, seven or more times.

Having an autoresponder system, set up with newsletter style emails that regularly keep in touch with your prospects, is vital for success. It provides several benefits. The first is that over time, as people begin to see that you are offering something of real value in helping them get started with an online business, more sign-ups into your preferred program will naturally follow. What is more, these sign ups will have been effectively trained in some of the fundamental principles and methods that lead to success on the internet.

There are a number of ways to get content for the series. If you’re just starting out yourself, your upline may be able to help you collaborate on a series of letters. Or, you could invest in some good quality courses and study them until you have more knowledge yourself. And, you could of course hire a writer with small business/internet marketing/network marketing experience to write the articles for you. These could then be shared with your downline to get them started.

As well as an autoresponder system, you’ll need a direct sales page that ethically persuades people to sign up to your autoresponder series. There are several options for creating that sales letter. You could study other successful sales letters and adapt them to your needs. Or, hire someone to write it for you. Although this can be expensive, it’s a one time investment that you can share with your downline, by providing them access to your sales copy.

The principle of duplication requires going ‘above and beyond’ the sales material the company has given each member. By investing either time, or money, or both, in acquiring quality prospecting material, this can then be shared with your downline to create a truly duplicatable system. Perhaps all won’t follow it, but it will give potential leaders a chance to really shine.

Non Directional Trading Formula

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The use of non direction trading formula would establish a probability projection shows which currency would have greater value. A person should understand that the use of non directional trading formula is not for statistical purposes. Basically, its main purpose is to weigh the benefits from the risks. This is a very hard and complex task which requires a very accurate form of assessment and evaluation. This would point out to the investor where to place his money and other resources to earn money. Since non directional trading is best illustrated in the currency trading market, the non directional trading formula should be applied in that field of trading and business.

The non direction trading formula would teach the trader how to exploit the weaknesses of the market by constantly investing on the increasing side. By constantly investing on the currency with the better economic improvements, the earnings would double which would provide the investor with a steady base of income.

What Are The Main Problems For Affiliate Marketers?

What’s at stake for affiliate marketers is the ability to work for themselves, quit their jobs and earn, potentially, a huge amount of money. But this all doesn’t come easily. There’s a few problems which present themselves to affiliates who are serious about making a full-time living from the internet.

One of the first of these is knowing who to trust. There’s many so-called get rich quick schemes, which surprisingly enough, don’t get you rich quick. Quite the contrary, they quickly remove your cash. The programs which offer quick riches don’t last long. But they’re a good source of income for their owners!

The next problems you’ll definitely face if you’re starting an internet business using affiliate marketing is that of belief. All your friends and family are likely to discredit it as an impossible dream. There a couple of reasons why they’ll do this. One is that most people shun a new idea like the plague. The other is that, if it’s possible to earn money from the internet, they face the possible repercussions of not having taken any action. Facing the fact that they would also have to do something if it were true, is not so easy.

Most people would rather complain about their own situation, rather than taking action, even if they are not happy. The general consensus is that you need to work in a job in order to be a relevant member of society. Swimming against the tide can be tiring too. If your friends and family aren’t behind you, it’s even more difficult, even if they don’t actually say anything outright, there’s a subtle dissuasion tactic going on and they may secretly hope you’ll fail. Then they can be right in the end!

If all this isn’t enough to dissuade your from building your own internet business, there’s the technical aspect of building a legitimate online business. This requires patience and trust. If you don’t have both of these, you’ll probably give up too early. You can’t expect to suddenly be making money based on a little work. It takes time and effort. You don’t ‘deserve’ anything in terms of results until you’ve actually earned it! So an entitlement attitude can work against you. This is especially true if you’re coming from an employee mindset.

If you’ve been an employee, but not a business owner, it’s difficult to change your focus from that of a ‘worker bee’. Workers in a job role get paid no matter what they accomplish. Owners of a business get nothing unless they can make it work. It’s a performance related pay, rather than a monthly wage.

Shiny object syndrome was another barrier to my success in the early days too. There’s so many courses offering instant results out there, why would you stick with something which takes time? Because it’s more genuine than the shiny new one which promises but never delivers!

I jumped around many times from course to course, following to the letter the instructions to build an income online. Time after time I was disappointed. I got accounts shut down, my results dropped off Google, my products didn’t sell and I wanted to throw my laptop through the window on countless occasions.

These are just a few of the problems you’ll face as an affiliate marketer. Depending on the route you take, you might also be limited by funds too. I found many cheaper courses back when I had huge debt and not a penny to my name. I concentrated on free tactics. They were much slower than paid advertising and I was always frustrated by my results. If I had found a good mentor back then, I would have saved a whole heap of time.

Not knowing which direction to paddle as an affiliate marketer is probably the biggest challenge. I must had paddled in the wrong direction for years. I tried everything. Over time though, and if you stick with it for long enough, you’ll start seeing some results. They won’t be huge, but they are the light at the end of the tunnel.

Watch out for the results. One you see them, you can back track to what you did to achieve them. Then, concentrate on those activities and drop the others which produce nothing.

It’s a long road to affiliate marketing success. I haven’t arrived yet but I’m much further along than I was. Finding the right people and training is probably the best tip I can give. Without the right direction, you are aimless as an affiliate and you’ll probably give up, thinking that ‘it’ doesn’t work.

But with the right attitude, direction and guidance, you can make affiliate marketing work for you and create a full-time income from it. Keep focusing on your “why?”

My “why” kept me going through all the problems I found in my journey as an affiliate marketer. Nowhere else can you earn the kind of money affiliates earn and have a lifestyle which you can choose. But it definitely isn’t easy. If you’re looking for the ‘quick buck’, I wouldn’t bother with affiliate marketing!

But it can work if you do and if you’re prepared to trust the process and keep going for the duration. Good luck!