Top Tier Direct Sales Vs MLM

Top Tier Direct Sales or MLM, what’s it gonna be? While both fall in the category of the Direct Sales industry, they are very different business models that both carry advantages and disadvantages. So, for the purpose of this little piece, I’m going to help clarify a few things for you. Maybe after this you will be able to decide which is the best direction for you.

Top Tier Direct Sales: If you’re simply a sales person, this is for you. If you’re used to being paid commission only and your income is determined on your production only, this is for you. Do keep in mind, however, that a good majority of Top Tier Direct Sales companies do offer a residual incentive. The residual incentive is not going to be the bulk of your income, your straight sales volume and commission will be the determining factor of your success. The reason it is called Top Tier is simply because of the price of your item. This ranges from anywhere on the low end of $2,000 up to, and possibly over, $20,000. If you are someone who is involved in MLM this may seem like a very high price to get involved with an opportunity, especially if you’re having difficulties selling $40 bottles of vitamins. I want you to keep in mind that it is just as easy, if not easier, to sell a $20,000 item as it is a $20 item. I’m serious! You’ve already done all of the Marketing and Advertising. If your sales process is well thought out and effective, it becomes the same game only with more zeros!! Also, most Top Tier Direct Sales companies pay great commissions. For instance, if I sell a $20,000 item, I have the opportunity to walk away with over $10k. Not bad for one sale. Now, think about turning up the advertising and Marketing and averaging one or two of those a week and you begin to see the draw towards this business model.

MLM: Now, with this business model, the payouts are practically complete opposites. Your largest up front pay day might be $50. And let’s face it, that’s pretty much paid out to gain enthusiasm and recoup some up front costs. Your residual on the other hand can grow to be an absolutely staggering amount of money. It is not uncommon in this industry to see Top Earners in MLM companies making 6 figures a month from residuals. If you’re planning to go this route and have your dreams set on this type of business model, you are going to need to have a system in place that duplicates your success. The fact is 80% or more of your team will do little to nothing. So, you have to be an extremely good leader and motivator to enable your teams success. Get yourself 5-10 great leaders on your team and you’ll have yourself one heck of an organization. Simply do the math… If each of you can personally sponsor 50 people per year, your business grows to 250-500 people based on the amount of leaders you have. If you sponsor this many people and have that many leaders, I promise you your organization will be much larger than just 500, it would probably be closer to 5,000 or more. At this point you’re walking on stage and becoming a star in your company.

So, the decision is yours. What sounds better to you? Making huge up front commissions and smaller residuals, or making small up front commissions and huge residuals? There are many factors to think about when deciding which direction to head with your Direct Sales career. Keep in mind, whether it’s Top Tier Direct Sales or MLM, this industry always rewards leaders and those wanting to work to build a big business that generates a lot of Volume. I hope this helps you on your Journey. Until next time, Happy Marketing!

Tips to Creating Traffic to Promote Your Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing type where a business rewards affiliates for each customer acquired from their marketing efforts. Getting customers is easy as long as you know the most effective strategies to adopt. Affiliate marketing differs from Internet marketing but it is still a broad field that rakes in millions of dollars on an annual basis.

Its importance cannot be overemphasized. It involves the adoption of multiple techniques aimed at reaching a wide target audience, and influencing them to take measures that will result in them purchasing a product. Affiliates use regular advertising methods such as organic search engine optimization or SEO, paid search engine marketing or PPC which is also known as Pay Per Click, content marketing and e-mail marketing just to mention a few.

There are several factors that you should consider when choosing a method to direct traffic. These are;

  • The cost
  • Target audience

You can use free methods to direct traffic to your affiliate products. The good thing about them is that you do not have to spend money but you can still get many potential customers. It is always a good thing to direct traffic to your website. It will increase the chances of people purchasing goods from you.

Some of the techniques include the use of article marketing, forum marketing and newsletters. These methods require that you dedicate time towards ensuring that they are effective. For the desired results to be achieved you have to take time to make sure that they are well implemented.

There are methods that you have to pay to utilize but if you have a favorable budget you should not hesitate to use all the means that are at your disposal. Always make sure that you tap into any avenue that has the target clientele. Methods such as paid ads make it possible for a larger percentage of people to find your affiliate products.

The chosen method should be able to reach your target audience. You should explore avenues that have a high percentage of the potential clientele. There are areas such as forums that you can use to reach people who are interested in your product.

Affiliate marketing is not as daunting as some people put it out to be. As long as you have the needed knowledge on vital aspects such as how to attract traffic you are bound to succeed. Always make sure that all the efforts you put into it count. Even after you direct traffic you should ensure that other measures are put in place to encourage sales.

Traffic Building With Article Marketing – How Article Marketing Drives Traffic

Direct article marketing traffic is one of my favorite forms of traffic, because I find that the quality of the traffic is much higher. Now, by direct article marketing traffic I mean article marketing traffic that comes to your web site after reading one of your articles that you have posted somewhere online.

One of the things I think that makes article marketing traffic of so much higher quality is that the visitors who make it to your web site after reading your article already have a feel for your style and what you offer. When someone comes to you from a classified ad, the only thing that they have to go by in determining if they want to go to your site, is your headline. Many times they get to your site and realize that you do not have what they are looking for, or you cannot meet their needs. So they leave your website without purchasing anything, or opting in to any of your subscriber lists.

With article marketing, the visitor has already has a peak at your quality and your style, and has perhaps even already felt like you can help them solve their problem. The article-generated visitor has been, in some sense, presold, on doing business with you.

Basically the way that you generate direct article marketing traffic is by writing articles related to the topic of your website, and especially on topics that people who normally purchase from you would be interested in, put a link to your web site in the article, and have the articles posted online. The easiest way to get your articles posted online is to submit them to the various online article directories, which make the articles available both on their own web sites and to other web publishers.