Network Marketing Vs Direct Sales in a Nutshell

If you are interested in operating your own business from your home, library or coffee shop there are a few different roads you can take. Different compensation plans and products to market. Choosing which one suits you best.

So let’s get to it!

In a multilevel marketing company you will be building a long term residual income. You will still earn compensation with a sale but not as high as you would in direct sales.

Network marketing is typically costs less to get involved than a direct sales company. Making it more appealing to get other people interested. Direct sales has a higher fee, hence the higher commission paid upfront with each new sale. Neither is better or right or wrong. It’s up to you however you want to build your business.

Another thing about network marketing is you will be able to leverage your time and efforts through the work of others more than you would with a DS compensation plan.

Also, network marketing and direct sales have been called scams in the past. So are they all scams? I don’t think so and here is why. If there is a product or service being offered and compensation to be rewarded then it is not a scam.

I’m sure you have heard the term pyramid scam. Unfortunately that is what most people think of when they hear network marketing or direct sales. It is only to their misinformed knowledge that they would jump to the conclusion of it being a scam.

I hoped this has helped to define the difference in the two.